Chinese words separator 你好世界

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Functionalities in Pictures: Screenshots 1   Screenshots 2

Complete functionalities

Setting keyboard shortcuts:

To set keyboard shortcuts for Chinese words separator's functionalities, right-click this link of the extensions' keyboard shortcuts: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Then select Copy Link Address, then press Ctrl+T (command+T on mac) to open a new tab, then paste the copied link to the address bar of the new tab. Press enter or return. Done. Keyboard shortcuts can now be set to the language learner heart's content.

For technical reasons, the link for the extensions' keyboard shortcuts can only be opened manually, it cannot be clicked nor be right-clicked and do Open Link in New Tab. Just follow the instruction above instead.

Another way to access the extensions' keyboard shortcuts: click the browser's puzzle icon (near the avatar) > select Manage Extensions > click the burger menu icon (top left side) > click Keyboard shortcuts.

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